About Us: Our Philosophy

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are...

... highly subjective.

We do not offer you the ultimate review. Media perception is a matter of taste. Our intention is not to be elitist or to dictate to you how you should think about a movie or a TV show but to provide you with a piece of our minds – please cherish it like a precious pearl. We are three individual persons, each with their own preferences and ways of seeing the world. Accordingly, our posts will present a subjective take on film and television.

... grateful for your participation.

We are also interested in your subjective take on things. Feel free to comment on our posts in the discussion section. Also, if you have any questions, email us and we will do all that is humanly possible to answer them. We are also open for suggestions to improve our website and articles. Just please respect our opinions just as we respect yours – no bashing in our house. Our mother tongue isn’t English but we want to reach and interact with as many of you as possible. So this is our lingua franca and we hope you respect the effort and don’t hate on us too much. Additionally, please remember to keep your discussions with other readers in the comment sections of our blog friendly and respectful.

... not always serious.

– unless we mean to be serious. Which is always. Actually, the only reason we wrote this is to ensure that we are legally untouchable when we write nonsense, provide false information, are being insulting or just too lazy to check our facts. We hate facts. They remind us of our real life troubles too much. So we usually prefer rumour and gossip, since, honestly, they are far more amusing. xoxo. We hate television, cinema and anything entertaining really. The only reason we started this blog is because we hope to one day swim in rivers of money like Scrooge McDuck. He's the best. xoxo.

P.S. We know he swims in a money bin, not a river. Thank you.

... actually never serious.

Cross your heart – did any of you actually believe that rubbish? Of course you didn't. But sometimes our irony tends to be a bit less blatant than in the text above. So stay alert! And our apologies, but we really can't help being the bitter, sarcastic, elitist bastards university has turned us into. There. We did it again. Oops. Anyways, consider yourselves warned.

… full of intentions.

In the sense that we intend to entertain and provoke thought on things that interest and amuse us. Like the Time Lords we make time and topic move to our convenience. We don’t always play in the present day and make no claim of being up-to-date. Still, we hope to meet your taste – any day and every day.

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